Arthur Lee – A favorite

15 August 2007

Arthur Lee, the leader of the Los Angeles-based Love, got incredibly screwed over in life.

After introducing his friends The Doors to Jac Holzman, head of Elektra Records (who wasn’t so impressed with the bass guitar-less quartet), he saw the label spend a fortune on advertising them. Love put out the greatest album of ’67, only to see the label sit on its hands and do nothing to promote it.

Love imploded, Lee set about reforming it only to have the reformed group implode. His solo career stalled. He was eventually sent to jail for a relatively minor infraction. When I think of all of the idiotic celebrities who do so much more harm and escape unscathed it angers me. Why couldn’t Arthur have won? If he had been more famous, he wouldn’t have gone to jail. I’m sure of that.

Of course, he got out, started touring and getting back to music. Only to come down with leukemia. And he died in spite of the best efforts to save his life.


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